Department of Biology
One Health and Biodiversity
The Biology Department has number of scholars interested broadly in themes of One Health and biodiversity who pursue under the C4 BioCluster umbrella research covering:

  • biophotonics applied in cell biology, cancer biology, and environmental systems
  • molecular basis of human diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity and neurological diseases,
  • biotechnology, biosensors, nanoparticle delivery, and bioinformatics
C4 BioCluster Research Thrusts
  1. Zhadyra Mustafa, Anuar Zhanapiya, Hubert Kalbacher, and Timo Burster. Neutrophil elastase and protein-ase 3 cleavage sites are adjacent to the polybasic sequence within the proteolytic sensitive activation loop of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. 2021. ACS Omega. IF: 2.87
  2. Patricia Kattner, Katharina Zeiler, Verena J. Herbener, Katia La Ferla-Brühl, Rebecca Kassubek, Michael Grunert, Timo Burster, Oliver Brühl, Anna Sarah Weber, Hannah Strobel, Georg Karpel-Massler, Sibylle Ott, Alexa Hagedorn, Daniel Tews, Ansgar Schulz, Vikas Prasad, Markus D. Siegelin, Lisa Nonnenmacher, Pamela Fischer-Posovszky, Marc-Eric Halatsch, Klaus-Michael Debatin, Mike-Andrew Westhoff. What animal cancers teach us about human biology. 2021. Theranostics. Review. IF: 8.579
  3. Timo Burster, Fabian Gärtner, Uwe Knippschild, Anuar Zhanapiya. Activity-based probes to utilize the proteolytic activity of cathepsin G in biological samples. 2021. Feb. Frontiers in Chemistry. Invited Review. IF: 3.693.5.

  1. Fabian Gärtner, Uwe Knippschild, and Timo Burster. Application of an activity-based probe to deter-mine proteolytic activity of cell surface cathepsin G by mass cytometry data acquisition. ACS Omega. 2020. Oct 19;5(43):28233-28238. IF: 2.87
  2. Pengfei Xu; Fabian Gärtner; Adrian Gihring; Congxing Liu; Timo Burster; Martin Wabitsch; Uwe Knipp-schild; Stephan Paschke. Influence of obesity on remodeling of lung tissue and organization of extracellular matrix after blunt thorax trauma. Respiratory Research. 2020. Sep 17;21(1):238. IF: 3.89
  3. Timo Burster, Fabian Gärtner, Christiane Bulach, Anuar Zhanapiya, Adrian Gihring, and Uwe Knippschild. Regulation of MHC I molecules in glioblastoma cells and the sensitizing of NK cells. 2021. Pharmaceuticals. Invited Review. IF: 4.286
  4. Herbener, Goreth, Pruss, Burster, Bandemer, Baisch, Fitzel, Siegelin, Karpel-Massler, Debatin, Strobel, Westhoff. Considering the experimental use of Temozolomide in Glioblastoma research. Biomedicines. 2020. Jun 4;8(6):E151. Invited Review. IF: 4.717
  5. Burster, Knippschild, Molnar, and Zhanapiya. Cathepsin G and its role in modulating levels of MHC class I molecules. Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis (AITE). 2020. Aug 19;68(4):25. Invited Review. IF: 2.85