First Name Last Name Pursuing a Degree Paper / Conference poster / Award Publication type Co-author from NU Faculty (if applicable) Journal Title/Source
Arailym Abikenova World languages, linguistics and culture
Zhibek Bekezhankyzy Bachelors paper Open access, team publication Mehdi Torkmahalleh NeuroToxicology journal, Elsevier
Raiymbek Imangaliyev Undergraduate Will be in June Research paper Danielle Malafarina Not yet
Yertay Zhiyenbayev Bachelor Enhanced stability, bistability, and exceptional points in saturable active photonic couplers; Basins of Attraction in Asymmetric Photonic Couplers Journal Article; Conference Paper C. Valagiannopoulos; A. Bountis Physical Review A; ICEAA
Zhanibek Bekkhozhin BSc in Chemistry The apparent deglycase activity of DJ-1 results from the conversion of free methylglyoxal present in fast equilibrium with hemithioacetals and hemiaminals Scientific Journal Darkhan Utepbergenov Journal of Biological Chemistry
Yerbol Tagay Biological sciences Conference poster Scholarly Journals Ivan Vorobyev Molecular Biology of the Cell
Ayazhan Myrzaliyeva Political science and International Relations N/A N/A N/A N/A
Arsen Sheverdin Physics “Core-shell nanospheres under visible light: Optimal absorption, scattering, and cloaking”,
Arsen Sheverdin and Constantinos Valagiannopoulos. Phys. Rev. B 99, 075305, 2019
Research Paper Dr. Constantinos Valagiannopoulos Physical Review B
Zhannur Dildabayeva Undergraduate student, 3 year Conference poster and research assistance not published in journals yet Conference poster- Charles Sullivan
Research assistance- Erika Alpert
Not published in journals, there
I wrote title of research
Conference poster: How can we
account for the varying ‘gender
gaps in entrepreneuship’ across
post-soviet Central Asia countries?
Research assistance:
Matchmaking goes online
Zarina Salkenova Bachelor Paper Research Article
Zarina Salkenova Bachelor Conference poster Research Conference poster Banu Akhetova Catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
by FeXSY/ FeXSY@carbon dots
Adilet Akzholov BA in Economics Paper not written yet. We have done a body of the research, gathering the necessary information.
Aidana Toleshova Bachelor of Science in Biological Science Paper title: Rapid synthesis of nontoxic and photostable carbon nanoparticles for bioimaging applications.

Award: iGEM 2019 Bronze Award and a Nomination for Best Energy Project.

Green startup: Won a Nomination for Clean Mobility Award and prize money of 5000 euros.

Research paper Dr. Timur Atabaev and Dr. Anara Molkenova Materials Letters Journal
Svetlana Em Bachelor AMMSEE conference speaker Paper Timur Atabaev, Anara Molken, Mussa Yedigenov Publishing in progress
Dina Shilibekova Bachelor’s Author’s certificate for a patent Patent Marlen Moldabek
Aruzhan Zeinilova Undergraduate

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