Department of Sociology and Anthropology
The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers a wide variety of courses aimed at studying human society in Kazakhstan and around the world, past and present. We also offer degree programs in both sociology and anthropology:

A B.A. in Sociology provides you with a solid foundation for graduate study in the social sciences, and can prepare you for careers in such fields as social services, social research and data analysis, non-profit and charity organizations, government and human resources. Course Requirements for a Sociology Degree Major and Minor.

A B.A. in Anthropology provides a wide array of skills and information to students. We train students to think critically about the ways in which people differ and to seek creative solutions to problems in the world around them. We also work to provide a broad perspective and a familiarity with the diversity of humanity. Whether as a major, a minor, or simply as an elective course, anthropology can enhance any educational experience. Because of the breadth of the field of anthropology, our students are prepared for a wide variety of careers. However, there are very few jobs with the word anthropology in the job title, so our students need to be creative in applying their skills. Course Requirements for an Anthropology Major and Minor.