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Dean's welcome
Welcome to the School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at Nazarbayev University, a community of expert faculty, accomplished students, and dedicated staff. At SSH you will find a proud team committed to outstanding research and exemplary education for our students on a broad range of disciplines.

Many of today's innovations are interdisciplinary, generated through the interaction of diverse disciplines. In addition to providing specialization in the chosen area of study, SSH education also prepares students for a job market that demands critical thinking skills and adaptation to change in a growingly complex and global world. Our school prepares students for the future by exposing them to broad areas of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The school is the largest in the university with 11 departments that are responsible for delivering such breadth of education to approximately 2200 students.

Our School offers students the opportunity to obtain both undergraduate and graduate degrees. SSH offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Students can also enroll in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, Economics, History, Languages & Literature, Political Science & International Relations, and Sociology. For graduate students, SSH offers Master of Science Degrees in Applied Mathematics, Biological Sciences and Technologies, Chemistry, and Physics. Students can also pursue in SSH a Master of Arts degree in Economics, Eurasian Studies, and Political Science & International Relations. For doctoral students, we offer several Doctor of Philosophy degrees (Ph.D.) in the natural sciences as well as Eurasian Studies.

Nazarbayev University has high ambitions to become a world-class research university. Towards that goal, many of our students graduate with substantial practical research experience in their field of study. During their degree, many SSH students take advantage of the many available opportunities to conduct experimental research in one of the almost 90 university laboratories that are actively engaged in cutting-edge research. Students can also participate in the many research projects of our professors in a wide variety of disciplines. SSH has a particularly strong concentration of scholars with expertise and research interest in the Eurasian region, creating a unique center of excellence in the topic. Hence, our students graduate with the skills necessary to join the labor force or to pursue further their education at Nazarbayev University or international universities.

At the School of Sciences and Humanities at Nazarbayev University prospective students will learn from professors with doctoral degrees from the world's best universities. I invite you to explore the many and diverse opportunities the school has to offer. Should you not find answers to your questions on our website, feel free to contact us or attend one of the Open Day events that Nazarbayev University holds every year. SSH is ready to welcome you.

Gonzalo Hortelano Ph.D., Dean of the School of Sciences and Humanities
The School of Sciences and Humanities is guided by the University's vision to develop the intellectual and social capital of Kazakhstan in order to lead the development of the country. The unique breadth of the School reflects the belief that the big questions of modern life require complex solutions. Our students graduate with a depth of knowledge in their chosen fields that is complemented by an intellectual breadth that allows them to find truly innovative solutions to the challenges they face. An SSH education prepares you to be a leader in any professional, scientific, or academic field.


Our School motto "Sapere aude - Dare to Be Wise" defines learning as our central mission which is an essential component of personal growth and social development. Essential to this mission is the promotion of world-class research combined with excellence in the classroom. Our vision and mission rest upon a value system which places scholarship, local and global engagement and service and social responsibility as core values.
Strategic Partner
The School of Sciences and Humanities enjoys a strategic partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the top 20 research institutions internationally and distinguishes itself by producing more Ph.D.s and receiving more research funding than any other American university.

For more information about the University of Wisconsin-Madison, visit their website.