Ph.D. programs
PhD programs in the School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at Nazarbayev University (NU) is designed to provide advanced skills and knowledge base at an expert level for individuals planning a career in academia.
PhD program in Eurasian Studies is designed to train versatile and internationally competitive scholars by combining a core curriculum of key concepts in the humanities and social sciences, with practical training in necessary writing and research techniques, as well as rigorous subject-specific training across at least two disciplines

Duration: 4 years
PhD program in Eurasian Studies at Nazarbayev University is the first interdisciplinary, English-medium doctoral program in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Central Asia. It is designed according to the highest international standards and taught by highly-qualified faculty, but at the same time is adapted to the educational, social and intellectual environment of Kazakhstan and the wider region.

Our program combines a core curriculum of key concepts in the humanities and social sciences, practical training in necessary writing and research techniques and ethics, and rigorous subject-specific training across at least two disciplines. Students have the space, time and flexibility they need to write a doctoral thesis that makes an original contribution to the field. Funding opportunities for research abroad and co-supervision by NU and non-NU experts enables our students to develop a truly international profile.

We train students to become versatile and internationally competitive scholars on the Eurasian region. Graduates from this doctoral program share a range of qualities and abilities, as well as field-specific skills that make them both "interdisciplinary" and "flexible." Truly interdisciplinary research demonstrates a solid grounding in one discipline and sufficiently deep training in one or more others, which enables the scholar to build real bridges between various disciplines. Graduates of this program combine strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary training with a first-hand knowledge of the region, a command of the primary and secondary sources consistent with world-class scholarship on this region of the world, knowledge of requisite research languages and excellent academic English
English Language Requirements
1) overall IELTS test score of 7.0 (with sub-score requirements no less than 6.0) or the equivalent TOEFL score as posted on the ETS website;
2) applicants to the Program, at the discretion of the Admissions Committee, can be exempted from submitting the language proficiency test report if:
– one of their earlier academic degrees was earned in a country with English as the language of official communication, academic instruction and daily life;
– an undergraduate and/or graduate degree was earned in a program which was officially taught in English. Applicants must provide an official document confirming English as the language of instruction;
– the applicant is a graduate of Nazarbayev University.

Academic Requirements
1) an undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree or equivalent) in a relevant discipline;
2) a Master's degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline or a PhD degree or equivalent (if applicable) in a relevant discipline. During the application period final year students may submit official current transcript for consideration. Applicants recommended for admission must provide final transcripts and diplomas before the end of the Program's enrollment term;
3) a competitive CGPA in applicant's Master's (or equivalent) degree. If applicant has more than one Master's or another terminal degree, then they should submit the most relevant document;
4) strong reading, analytical, and mathematical skills (as appropriate to the focus of the applicant's research) as demonstrated by GRE test. GRE test reports/certificates (optional) valid as of date of online documents submission to the Ph.D in Eurasian Studies. An applicant must indicate University as a recipient when registering for the test. In case the applicant passed the test earlier, he/she can contact the test center and indicate Nazarbayev University as a recipient.
5) high motivation and strong interest in the Program as outlined in a personal statement (250-500 words);
6) strong academic writing ability as demonstrated in a writing sample (academic paper, essay, published article);
7) relevant research interest and knowledge of research subject (including appropriate disciplinary training and research language preparation) as demonstrated in a written research proposal (1500-2000 words);
8) Minimum two confidential letters of recommendation written within the last two years (to be provided by referees electronically or in hard copy after receiving an email request);
9)Applicants recommended for admission must provide hard copies of IELTS and GRE results (if applicable) as requested by the Admissions Department.
– Academia
– Research
– Government
– International organizations
Core Modules:
Introduction to Eurasia
Critical Issues in Eurasian Studies
Proseminar in Eurasian Humanities OR Proseminar in Eurasian Social Sciences
Dissertation Research I
Dissertation Research II
Elective Modules:
Discipline 1 Elective A
Advanced Academic Writing
Discipline 1 Elective B
Discipline 2 Elective A
Open Elective 1
Doctoral Seminar in Eurasian Studies I
Discipline 2 Elective B
Discipline 1 or 2 Elective C
Open Elective 2
Doctoral Seminar in Eurasian Studies II
Open Elective 3
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