Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies
The Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies offers courses in practical Kazakh language, Kazakh language for special purposes, and at the advanced level courses on Kazakh literature, music, culture, and other topics. Undergraduate students are currently required to pass two courses (3 credits/6 credits ECTS each) in Kazakh language to meet the Kazakh language requirement at Nazarbayev University. These courses are also open as elective courses which the students may take. Students who take courses in Kazakh language offered by the Department can improve their professional knowledge in Kazakh language, improve their knowledge in subjects which are useful in academic contexts, and become better prepared for the social sphere, for government service, and for other areas required higher levels of proficiency in Kazakh language and culture.

The faculty of the Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies are also establishing the International Association of Teachers of Kazakh Language. We hope to gather the best international practices for teaching Kazakh language and culture in order to share it with colleagues across Kazakhstan and the world. We hope to turn Nazarbayev University into an international hub for the study of Kazakh language and culture.

The Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies is also introducing courses in Turkic Studies, including the languages, literatures, and cultures of many different historical and modern Turkic peoples as far back as the 8th century. It also allows us to situate the academic study of Kazakh Studies within the broader family of Turkic languages and cultures to which Kazakh belongs.

The Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies seeks to become a high-quality department embracing modern research incorporating modern theory, which will be an important contribution to the field of Turkology. It also hopes to establish research-oriented relationships with the current major centers in Europe, the United States, Turkey, and elsewhere in the Turkic world. Given the fact that the International Turkic Academy (Astana) is also committed to promoting Turkology, in collaboration with colleagues across the globe Nazarbayev University can become a major world center for Turkology.

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