“Otandastar”: Kazakh TV shot a documentary with dr. Durvudkhan Suragan


‘Otandastar’ is a project about the Kazakh people, who have returned to their historical homeland. How do they live in Kazakhstan? What do they do? What have they achieved? ‘Otandastar’ is a project that also deserves the viewer’s attention. One of the heroes of the project was Durvudkhan Suragan, associate professor of the Mathematics department. 

Dr. Durvudkhan Suragan received his Ph.D. in mathematics from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in 2013. He has a master degree (with distinction) in theoretical physics from King’s College London. Prior to joining Nazarbayev University in April 2018, he served in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial College London as a research associate and at Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling (Almaty) as a leading researcher. His current research interests include analysis on Lie groups, applied mathematics (mathematical physics), PDE, potential theory and spectral geometry.

In 2013, Suragan was awarded the Konayev prize for young scientists (in Kazakhstan) for the best work in the field of natural sciences. In 2018, Suragan won the Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize. The prize is awarded for a mathematical monograph of an expository nature presenting the latest developments in an active area of research in Mathematics, in which the applicant has made important contributions. Suragan won the prize for his (with Professor Michael Ruzhansky, Imperial College London) monograph: Hardy inequalities on homogeneous groups, Progress in Mathematics, Vol. 327, Birkhauser, 2019. Xvi+588pp.