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The School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Student Affairs Office provides support for SSH students in all areas related to their studies. Our professional advisers can aid students in academic issues such as selecting courses, choosing a major, graduate school and career preparation, finding resources for improving studies, understanding academic policies, etc.

We also have advisers who specialize in student life issues such as adapting to dormitory life, extra-curricular activities, balancing studies and personal life, interacting with professors, and understanding university policies. And we are ready to guide students to other resources on campus, particularly offices that can help students with psychological issues as well as those that can help them to find internship and study abroad opportunities.

Maya Davletova

Senior Manager for Academic and Student Affairs

Office: 8.230

Responsibilities: Conducting and monitoring activities on course evaluation surveys to provide feedback to students through the Qualtrics e-system in order to improve the quality of educational services

Assem Koishybayeva

Manager for Academic and Student Affairs


Office: 8.230

Responsibilities: Paperwork proceedings and coordination of the issues related to of the academic mobility and student exchange programs

Assel Zhakibayeva

Manager for Academic and Student Affairs


Responsibilities: Paperwork proceedings and coordination of the issues related to student credit bearing internships

Alminiya Ussingaliyeva

Specialist for Academic and Student Affairs


Responsibilities: Maintenance and updating of the student database on missed classes due to illness and family circumstances; providing assistance to Faculty in searching students who are missing the classes



The Writing Center is committed to fostering an environment where NU students, both undergraduate and graduate, learn to become more effective and confident writers. Our instructors see NU students across the disciplines for academic assignments, and professional writing such as CVs and motivation letters. Rather than proofreaders, Writing Center instructors serve as coaches and tutors with an eye to guiding students towards more clear and graceful prose.


The goal of the Writing Center is that after leaving a conference, students are better prepared to evaluate and revise their written work. A writing conference may focus on interpreting the task of an assignment, refining a thesis statement, making clear and connected arguments, developing a voice or style that is appropriate for the assignment, or improving its grammatical structure.


In addition to working with students, the Writing Center works cooperatively with faculty to develop writing curriculum and methods for evaluating writing.


The Writing Center is located in Block 8, room 207.


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