SSH Special Series in Digital Humanities: SSH presents a series of events on social sciences and humanities

NU SSH Special Series in Digital Humanities (3)

Dear friends, we are happy to announce that from September 25 to October 29 SSH will host a series of online events dedicated to social sciences and humanities. Lectures and seminars will be held online on zoom platform. There is no cost to attend these events, but some webinars are for a limited audience only. 

What events will take place within the SSH special series in digital humanities?

Topic Date  Description Audience
Seminars in Remote Sensing techniques for Archaeology September 22 – October 22 This seminar will include introductions to analytic techniques including GIS, Landscape Analysis, Remote Sensing, and Satellite Based Applications.  Seminars will be led by Dr. Sarah Parcak and colleagues.  Dr. Parcak is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Laboratory for Global Observation at the University of Alabama, Birmingham and founder of GlobalXplorer, an award winning platform for satellite based investigations. One hour seminars will begin September 22 and take place via Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00 Nur Sultan time until October 22.   Limited (registration is closed)
Heritage Alliance for the New Silk Road Roundtable 16-20 November  2020 This workshop, Heritage at Risk: Connecting the Tangible and the Intangible, will explore the dangers facing heritage resources in the Silk Road Region, best practices for mitigating those dangers, and opportunities to leverage heritage assets for sustainable development. Building on previous HANSR events, this will also be an opportunity to develop a network of scholars, professionals, and students with a common interest in preserving the unique cultural resources of the Silk Road Region. Limited (Registration is closed)
International Online Conference Sacred Geography: Multi-Disciplinary Approaches in Space and Time September 25-26 This conference aims to bring together multidisciplinary approaches, including in the fields of religious studies, cultural anthropology, archaeology, history among others, to sacred landscapes, religious sites, and spatial dimensions of religion. The conference is dedicated to any set of themes, regions, religious traditions, methodologies and technologies that advance the theoretical and analytical paradigms of space and place. The conference will be attended by researchers in humanities and social sciences from such countries as Kazakhstan, Russia, China, USA, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Singapore, who use new methodologies in studying the role of space and place in religious traditions. The conference will feature projects with a digital humanitarian or the social component, including technologies such as photogrammetry, electronic atlases, cartography, and GIS in the field of pedagogy, tourism and cultural heritage preservation. The conference is being organized within the project “Investment Potential of Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan” funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan. Open for all

Please see the link for more details and registration.

Online course Introduction to Digital Humanities 9-15 October 2020 As museums, libraries, archives and other institutions have digitized collections and artifacts, new tools and standards have been developed that turn those materials into machine-readable data. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), for example, have enabled humanities researchers to process vast amounts of textual data. However, these advances are not limited just to text. Maps, sound, images, and video have all been subject to these new forms of research. This course will show you how to manage the many aspects of digital humanities research and scholarship. Whether you are a student or researcher, teacher or public activist — or just plain curious — this course will help you bring your area of study or interest to new life using digital tools. The course is being organized within the project “Investment Potential of Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan” funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.  Limited (for graduate students only)

Please see the link for the details (if you are a graduate student).

Roundtable “Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan: NU initiative” October 24 Speakers: Nikolay Tsyrempilov, Zhandos Kerimkulov, Ulan Bigozhin, Daniel Scarborough, Rozaliya Garipova, Paula Dupuy

The event is being organized within the project “Investment Potential of Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan” funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan

Open for all
Food, Cannibalism, and Anti-Asian Racism in the Era of COVID-19 21st September This talk looks at the long history of cannibalism accusations, ideas about what objects are appropriate foods, and how both became entangled with racist conspiracy theories on the origins of COVID-19 Open for all

History of Pandemics with Elliott Bowen September 28  Learn how throughout the course of history, disease outbreaks have ravaged humanity, sometimes changing the course of history. Professor Elliott Bowen will be talking about the 3 of the worst pandemics in History.  Open for all

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