School of Sciences and Humanities offers a brand new PhD program in Chemistry

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Dear applicants, we are happy to announce that the School of Sciences and Humanities offers a new program leading to a doctoral degree in Chemistry.

The Ph.D. in Chemistry program of the School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at Nazarbayev University (NU) is designed to prepare students to become independent, creative practitioners in Chemistry. The program provides an intensive training approach both in theory and experimentation that will enable students to be better equipped in their preparation for their different career paths in academia, research and development, science-based start-ups, and the industry. The PhD in Chemistry program focuses on priority areas for Kazakhstan, serving as a foundation for future high-tech industries and knowledge-based economy.

By completing the Ph.D. in Chemistry program, students will gain deep and systematic knowledge of the fundamental and advanced principles in chemistry, and develop the ability to identify, analyze, and provide solutions to a wide spectrum of scientific and technological problems in the 21st century and beyond, while fostering entrepreneurship. The graduates are expected to acquire advanced chemical, physical, mathematical, theoretical, and hands-on experiences in their relevant field of expertise.

Students in the Ph.D. in Chemistry program are required to complete 240 ECTS credits, within a normal timeline of 4 years, which is in line with the Regulatory Framework for Graduate Programs and Courses of Nazarbayev University (2019).

The program consists of comprehensive course work and research activity. The courses are designed to enable students to acquire highly advanced and cutting-edge knowledge in Chemistry. Additional, flexible learning time allocated into their research program which would enable them to attend specialized equipment training courses and gain practical skills in working with Nazarbayev University core facilities, essential for their research projects. After passing a comprehensive exam and Ph.D. proposal defense, students are required to develop and practice novel research within the area of Chemistry, or an interdisciplinary field related to Chemistry. Research components of the program and dissertation defense will be passed by each student to complete the program and graduate.

Please follow the link to learn more about the program.