Professor Hélène Thibault’s book “Transforming Tajikistan: State-building and Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia” has been translated into Turkish

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Professor Helene Thibault’s (PSIR Department) book called “Transforming Tajikistan: State-building and Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia” and originally published in 2018 has been translated into Turkish and is now available for sale at Ketebe Publishing:

About the book

This book offers a political reading of the religious revival taking place in Tajikistan following the country’s independence in 1991. It considers the impact of the Soviet legacy on the place of religion in Tajik society and on different modes of religiosity. It also highlights the continuities between the Soviet and post-Soviet eras and the porous boundaries between the religious and secular realms. Drawing upon extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Northern Tajikistan, the research depicts the religious revival from a local perspective by addressing the religious experiences of ordinary Muslims who abide by strict religious rules. Professor suggests that Islamic values offset the Soviet holistic ideology, which can be explained by the affinities of religious and Soviet moral codes. The research also shows that increasing levels of religiosity contribute to social tensions around the definition of new moral standards in an uncertain socio-economic environment. 

Please have an access to the original, English version of the book through this link