Physics professor’s research article got accepted for publication in one of the most highly selective journals – Physical Review Applied


The research work of the associate professor of Physics of the School of Sciences and Humanities Constantinos Valagiannopoulos has been recently published in one of the top science journals – Physical Review Applied of the American Physical Society. To give a metric of such success – only 5 (five) such articles (PRL+PRX+PR Applied) have been ever published in the whole Nazarbayev University history (from 2012 – until now).

The title of the publication is “Quantum Fabry-Perot Resonator: Extreme Angular Selectivity in Matter-Wave Tunneling”. The work provides simple quantum setups that have the ability to block all the incoming particle beams except from those travelling along a specific direction. This operation can be extremely useful in quantum signal processing and quantum computing devices where the matter waves are required to get properly filtered, channeled and steered in space. “Interference of Matter Waves Makes Ultra-Selective Quantum Filters” – says the author. Therefore, the reported findings open alternative paths when designing architectures for a broad range of quantum engineering applications.

The article can be found via the following link: