NU SSH Physicists article won the inside front cover picture

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Assistant Professor Viktor Brus, Department of Physics and international co-workers are reported Highly transparent organic photoactive materials and published “Unraveling Device Physics of Dilute-Donor Narrow-Bandgap Organic Solar Cells with Highly Transparent Active Layers” in Advanced Materials ( They claim that next-generation photovoltaics will be lightweight, flexible, and (semi)transparent. The changes in the fundamental processes in solar cells comprising a near-IR-absorbing acceptor and a visible-light-absorbing donor are revealed upon dilution of the donor material, paving the way for integrated energy-harvesting solutions based on semitransparent organic photovoltaics.

The picture was made by Professor Viktor Brus. This picture is a short explanation of a published article. 

The paper is highlighted on the cover of Advanced Materials volume 34, issue 31.