Nazarbayev University School of Sciences and Humanities hosted the competition “The best academic student papers”

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On October 14, 2022 the traditional ceremony “Awarding the best academic student papers” was organized by the Department of Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies of the School of Sciences and Humanities of Nazarbayev University. The main purpose of this competition is to guide the academic research of students in the Kazakh language; formation of research skills of young people; development of personal activity among young people by studying topical problems of society.

Student work must be written in the current academic year, and the competition is held once a year. Any student can submit a work for the competition. This year the number of students who took part in the competition is 36 people. In order to determine the best student work, a selection committee was formed from among the teaching staff of the department: Akbuzauova Bakyt, Adaeva Yermek, Balabekov Aidar, Shalabaeva Gulyamilya, Zhuniskhanov Aydin. Student papers were reviewed anonymously and evaluation criteria were determined. Academic works of students were evaluated in 4 nominations: 1. Kazakh language (individually for courses of 200 and 300 levels); literary criticism; turkic studies; social sciences.


Nominations Student name Topic  Type of work
1. Kazakh language   Abzalova Assel  IT in Kazakhstan: current situation, future Research project
Balausa Amir Conditions of a public catering enterprise (canteen, cafe, restaurant) Research essay
Olzhas Nurman History of brands Research essay
3. Literary Criticism Elmira Yusupov The innovative character of Nurzhan Kuantauly’s story “The Terrible Three Days”. Research project
Elnur Shaki Modern approach to political and social discourse in Kazakh literature Research essay 
4. Social Sciences Khamitova Ayauzhan Analysis of the movie “Joy” Research essay 
Kemalova Aigerim “Positive and Negative Consequences of Globalization for Education” Research project
Omarova Zhuldyz

Nurmanova Bibinur

“Honesty, justice” in Kazakh knowledge Research project
5 Turkic studies  Karina Faezova Turkic languages. Comparative analysis of the Tatar and Kyrgyz languages Video project