Nazarbayev University held a digital Graduation ceremony for its graduates


NU’s seventh graduation ceremony has taken place in Nur-Sultan online. 1155 Bachelor, Master, and PhD degrees were conferred to the 7th cohort of NU graduates.

Congratulating students with making it to the end of their studies, President Katsu highlighted the importance of resilience and agility amplified in the past one and a half years of the COVID-19 pandemic. In his speech, President Katsu emphasized the role of NU in the development of the country’s economy, as the University is looked upon as a driving force for effective reforms.

“NU is perceived as a national incubator. We are tasked with pioneering and testing new models for Kazakhstan’s future economy, the economy that will be less dependent on commodity exports and more diversified. As graduates, as future leaders of Kazakhstan, you will have to carry the torch and translate our ambitions into reality. Many people will doubt you, they will think your dreams are outsized, but do not let others define you, as only you can define yourself”, said President Katsu.

Provost Adesida congratulated the graduates on their high achievements. In his address, Provost Ilesanmi Adesida reminded the attendees of the NU graduates’ attributes. “We challenge you to remain intellectually agile, to remain curious, creative and open-minded. And we remind you that open-minded people are magnanimous people”, said Provost Adesida.

Aruzhan Meirkhanova, NU SSH class of 2021 graduate, is about to continue her studies at Harvard University. She addressed her fellow students and faculty members, thanking them for their support. “Each of us will have a unique story to write onwards. However, I am very proud to have shared a great part of my story with the NU community and with you, dear graduates! Within these walls, we learn to think critically, to develop sustainable and creative solutions to problems of the day, to ask questions – thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable yet extremely valuable and relevant”, said Aruzhan Meirkhanova. 

This year a total of 379 students graduated from the School of Sciences and Humanities, including 339 bachelor graduates and 40 graduates from the Master’s program. Our graduates are about to continue their studies at such top universities as Harvard University, University of California, University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business, etc.