Images in science are still biased towards white men, new research from NU professors reveals


The research on how gender is represented in science imagery by Anna Cohen Miller (GSE), Sejin Koo (SSH), Neil Collins (SSH), and Jennifer Lewis (GSB) has been featured in Gi Media. Gi media group is one of the fastest-growing News and Classified online platforms in the UK.

The results reveal that when it comes to science, the industry still appears to favor images depicting white men. 

Dr. Anna Cohen Miller, Dr. Sejin Koo, Dr. Neil Collins, and Dr. Jennifer Lewis, who work across education, political science, and business disciplines, analyzed scientific industry image data from a large-scale science event Astana Expo. According to 10 countries pavilions imagery, the responsible organizers pictured women and minority groups only in the support of learning roles. The researchers shared the results believing that the importance of imagery and its effects on formal and informal learning are crucial in a move towards gender equality.

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