Bioarchaeology and Bronze Age Kazakhstan: Visiting scholar hosts NU undergraduate workshop

2019-10-25 12.27.49

During October 2019, the Sociology and Anthropology Department hosted Bioarchaeology Professor Elissa Bullion (University of Pittsburgh) who provided a hands-on learning opportunity in human remains analysis to the School of Sciences and Humanities students at Nazarbayev University. The workshop was held in the Anthropology Laboratory where volunteers learned skills for deciphering the age, sex, anatomy, health and disease of people who lived 4000 years ago in Kazakhstan. Over 70 undergraduates volunteered for the event. Human skeletons used in the workshop were recovered in archaeological excavations led by Dr. Paula Dupuy of the Anthropology Department and Aidyn Zhuniskhanov from the Kazakh Language and Turkic Studies Department at Bronze Age sites in east Kazakhstan.