Master of Science in Chemistry

Master of Science in Chemistry

Chemistry is frequently referred as a “central science”  for its key role in advancing technological progress through the design and synthesis of novel functional materials for energy, environmental, and biomedical applications.

Our two year program will extend your depth and breadth of knowledge in all domains of modern chemical science, helping you to become an excellent industrial or academic chemist.

By enrolling in the program you will benefit from a fast-developing research infrastructure and well-balanced study programs delivered by our highly qualified international academic staff. You will also be able to advance such essential skills as project management, team-working, problem-solving, preparing and delivering oral and poster presentations, as well as critical assessment of relevant scientific literature.


Sample curriculum (curriculum is subject to change)

Year / Semester Fall Spring
Year 1 CHEM 510 Principles of Physical Chemistry CHEM 540 Organic Reactions and Mechanisms
CHEM 520 Applied Analytical Chemistry Chemistry Elective I
CHEM 530 Inorganic Structures and Reaction Mechanisms SST 504 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
SST 501 Technical Communication I SST 502 Technical Communication II
SST 591 Research Methods SST 592 Research Seminar
Year 2 Chemistry Elective II SST 692 Thesis Proposal
Chemistry Elective III
Chemistry Elective IV
Chemistry Elective V
SST 691 Thesis Proposal


Possible career destinations:

  • The graduates are expected to acquire advanced chemical, physical, mathematical, computational (calculation and simulation), and laboratory experimental skills as relevant to the subjects of their Master projects. They are further expected to become exposed to the international research environment and to acquire strong scientific communication skills.
  • In future you will have a chance to prosper your career in petroleum/oil industry, geology industry, pharmaceutical industry or work in government sector.