Zeinep Zhumatayeva
Assistant Professor
Office Phone:
(70) 5925

Research Interest

Selected Publications
Courses Offered

Zeinep Zhumatayeva received her PhD in theory and methodologies of the Kazakh language in 2007. After completing her PhD, she spent ten years teaching the Kazakh language and Literature at A.Yesevi International Kazakh-Turkish University. She left the university to take up a post-doc and teach at the Gazi University in Turkey.

While working at A.Yesevi International Kazakh-Turkish University A.Yesevi she taught such courses as Kazakh language and literature, general linguistics, documentation management, Kazakh language theory and teaching, and comparative grammar of Turkic languages.

She is author of 5 books and over 30 scientific publications, she is currently working on her book on the techniques of teaching the Kazakh language and Kazakh Culture.