Simon Pawley
Simon Pawley, PhD
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Late imperial Russia, the Soviet Union, medical history, and the history of mass culture.

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My work focuses on the history of imperial Russia and the Soviet Union in the ‘long’ revolutionary era (approximately 1880 to 1930). I studied History at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. Before joining Nazarbayev University in 2019, I held posts as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at Queen Mary, University of London, and subsequently as Lecturer in Modern History at Oriel College, University of Oxford.

My research focuses on the history of medicine and health, from a cultural perspective. My current project traces the history of neurasthenia (nervous weakness), in late imperial Russia and the early Soviet Union. In addition to examining the medical and intellectual history of this diagnosis, my research explores its social context and its cultural significance.

One article arising from this research has been published. I am currently working on a second article, which will focus on the diagnosis of children and young people as ‘neurasthenic’. I am also working on a book manuscript based on this research.