Shane Ryan
Associate Professor
Office Phone:
(69) 4749

Research Interest

The concern of my research is the conduciveness of our physical and social environment to our attainment of valuable epistemic goods such as intellectual virtues, knowledge, and wisdom.

Selected Publications
Courses Offered

Current Research

The current focus of my research lies at the intersection of epistemology and value theory. I’ve developed a framework for conceptualising environments, physical, social, virtual, and so on, epistemically. This work requires research in social epistemology, e.g. on testimonial justification, as well as areas that traditionally fall outside of the domain of epistemology, such as trust. My work on justificatory frameworks for altering environments to promote epistemic goods has involved research into paternalist, libertarian paternalist, and liberal frameworks. Another offshoot of my work on epistemic environmentalism is my research on the relationship between epistemic goods and the good life. My published papers on wisdom and the value of knowledge are each related to this topic.   

Academic Background

I was awarded my PhD from the University of Edinburgh. My thesis concerns the nature and value of knowledge and the epistemic environment. I was supervised by Professor Duncan Pritchard FRSE and my thesis was examined by Professor John Greco. From 2014 until 2016 I worked as Postdoctoral Fellow on “The Intellectual and Moral Virtues from Eastern and Western Perspectives” at Soochow University in Taipei. In 2016 I joined Nazarbayev University as Assistant Professor and in 2020 was upgraded to associate professor..