ramey moore
Ramey Moore
Assistant Professor
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Research Interest

Health, healthcare systems, environmental and ecological health.

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Ramey Moore holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Arkansas. His research focuses on the ways that conceptions of ‘health’ are at the center of complex ecologies (social, political, and environmental) and are in conversation among all of the human, biotic, and abiotic systems that interpenetrate one another in complex ways. I ask questions about how we define ‘nature,’ ‘health,’ and other culturally relevant categories. I am also interested in the ways that inequalities are related to gender, ethnicity, class, and other aspects of our intersectional identities. Former research projects have focused on environmental activism and Pacific Islander access to healthcare in the United States. He is currently working on several projects, a) how medical professionals understand and react to patient non-adherence in Kazakhstan, b) how Kazakhstani conceptions of health and safety are related to authority and power, and c) the ways that environmental and ecological discourses are related to social media representations of Kazakh landscapes and ecosystems.