Mannix P. Balanay, PhD
Associate Professor
Office Phone:
+7 (7172) 694657

Research Interest

Computational design, synthesis, and fabrication of organic/hybrid solar cells (dye-sensitized, polymer,
and perovskites);
Design and synthesis of functional materials for energy and environmental applications
Environmental analysis and monitoring.

Selected Publications
Courses Offered

Dr. Mannix P. Balanay received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Kunsan National University in Korea. After his graduation, he was hired as a Research Professor at the same university. Dr. Balanay is from the Philippines and before coming to Korea, he was an Instructor at Siquijor State College and Silliman University. His work applies both computational and experimental techniques to study various materials that are relevant to the current needs of the society, such as energy and environment.