Majid Beni
Majid Davoody Beni, PhD
Office Phone:
(70) 5722

Research Interest

philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and cognitive sciences, history of analytic philosophy, philosophy of logic

Selected Publications
Courses Offered

I am a philosopher of science and cognitive science, and I also dabble in ethics and epistemology from time to time. I received my PhD from IRIP, Tehran. I wrote my thesis on the history of philosophy of science in the early 20th century under the supervision of Rick Creath at the SoLS at ASU (I was a visiting scholar there when I was doing my PhD).

I am obsessed with commonalities and structural relations within and across perceptions and sciences. This means that I am developing a form of structural realism that draws a connection between the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind (and recently social and moral aspects of life). Presently, I am working on two interconnected projects.

Cognitive Structural Realism (CSR): I am developing a new Cognitive version of Structural Realism. I present this new version of SR as a viable alternative to the official wisdom of the contemporary philosophy of science (namely the respectful Semantic View of Theories). My version of SR makes use of cognitive structures (instead of, say, model-theoretic structures) and accounts for scientific representations in terms of cognitive capacities (i.e., how the brain represents the causal structure of the world). I have published several papers on this topic in top-tier journals, e.g., Journal for General Philosophy of Science and European Journal for Philosophy of Science, etc.  My book on this subject is named Cognitive Structural Realism, and it is published by Springer, Studies in Brain and Mind Series.

Structural Realist theory of the Self: I am also working on a structural realist theory of the self. I have developed this in quite a few journals, e.g., Synthese, Journal of Consciousness Studies, etc., and in a new book “Structuring the Self,” which published with Palgrave Macmillan.