Mahire Yakup
Assistant Professor
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Research Interest

Psycholinguistics, Language contact, Phonetics/phonology, and Word recognition

Selected Publications
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Dr. Mahire Yakup (aka, Yakefu Mayila) is an Assistant Professor of World Languages, Literature and Culture at the School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS). She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Kansas. She obtained her B.S and M.S in Psychology from Peking University (Beijing University).

Her broad research focuses on language processing and comprehension. (i) Processing prosodic information in native and non-native speakers. Her dissertation focuses on the acoustic analysis of lexical stress in Uyghur by native and non-native speakers. She would like to extend her research to include Turkic languages. (ii) The processing of morphologically complex words which focuses on bilingual and monolingual speakers. She tries to understand how linguistic information is represented in the mental lexicon.  She uses psycho-linguistic research methods with embedded behavioral studies. (iii) Turkic languages in which she would like to focus on phonology and morphology of related Turkic languages.

Current projects
  1. She is collaborating with with Dr.Manual Perea from Valencia University of Spain on the letter transposition effects in Uyghur. They will extend this research line to Kazakh language.
  2. She also collaborated with Dr.Arienne Dwyer from the University of Kansas on the Uyghur textbook: Teklimakandin Salam: hazirqi zaman Uyghur tili qollanmisi / Greetings from the Teklimakan: a handbook of Modern Uyghur, Vol I. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Scholar Works. ISBN 978-1-936153-03-9. They are working on Volume II of this book (forthcoming).
  3. Yakup, M. Loan word phonology in Uyghur
Conference and presentations
  1. Yakup,M., (May 2014). Reduplication in Uyghur. Presenter, Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington.
  2. Yakup, M. (October 2012). An acoustic study of stress pattern in Uyghur. Poster Presentation, 164th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), Kansas City.
  3. Yakup, M. and Fiorentino, R. (March 2010). Processing of English Compound Words: Evidence from Chinese-English Bilinguals, Poster Presentation, Graduate Research Competition 2010, University of Kansas.
  4. Yakup, M. (July 2009). The commercialization of Uyghur traditional meshrep [gatherings]. Presentation, Indiana University, Summer Workshop for Slavic East European, and Central Asian Languages (SWEESL), July 2009.
  5. Yakup, M. (July 2008). Uyghur böshük toy [cradle parties]. Presentation, Indiana University, Summer Workshop for Slavic East European, and Central Asian Languages (SWEESL), July 2008.
  6. Yakup, M. (October 2007). Discussant Central Asian Language Policies Panel (SO-18), Central Eurasian Studies Society Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington.
  7. Yakup, M. (April 2006). Religion, Culture, History and Uyghur Personal Names. Presentation, Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, San Francisco.
Teaching and off-campus life 
She teaches Chinese and Linguistics courses at Nazarbayev University. In addition to teaching, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and yoga.