Haiyan Fan-Hagenstein, PhD
Associate Professor
Office Phone:
+7 (7172) 694656

Research Interest

Currently, Dr. Fan-Hagenstein is interested in the research mainly on the following three aspects.
1. Study of the thermodynamics of the binding between DNA and antibiotics using isothermal titration calorimetry. Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy is also used in this project to provide some structural information of the complex formed between DNA and antibiotics. Theoretical calculation is used to help assign the Raman peaks.
2. Study of the hydrogen/ halogen bond through their impact on the vibrations of the participants using FTIR, Raman, NMR, and theoretical calculations. This part of study is to understand the molecular structure in the solution phase, as well as the mechanism of solvent effect and hydration.
3. Synthesis and characterization of functional nanomaterial. This project is to develop some functional nanoparticles that can be used to perform Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.

Selected Publications
Courses Offered

Dr. Haiyan Fan-Hagenstein received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Marquette University. Her doctoral research in the group of Dr. Scott Reid focused on the study of the fine and hyperfine rovibronic structure of some interstellar or combustion reaction related small radicals and carbenes using the techniques including jet cooled molecular beam, laser induced fluorescence, and quantum beat measurement. She then spent a few years as a postdoctoral appointee at Argonne national laboratory in Dr. Stephen Pratt’s group studying the vacuum ultraviolet and multiphoton photoionization dynamics of atoms or radical products of photodissociation, photoionization and photodissociation from excited states, and autoionization and predissociation phenomena using ion imaging techniques. The postdoctoral experience at Concordia College in the group of Dr. Darin Ulness led her to the study of hydrogen or halogen bonding in solution phase using Raman, FTIR, and NMR spectroscopy.