Alexei Trochev
Associate Professor
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Research Interest

Judicial profession in Kazakhstan; Judicial behavior outside the courthouses

Selected Publications
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Born in Syktyvkar, Russia, Alexei Trochev (PhD, University of Toronto; MPA, University of Kansas; Law, Syktyvkar State University) teaches Introduction to Political Science, Social Science Research Methods, International Law, and Law, Politics, and Society. Prior to that, he taught political science and law courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada and the Pomor State University in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Between 2002 and 2008, he participated in the Canada-Russia Judicial Partnership Project and Canada-Russia Federalism Workshops, which were attended by top judges and senior government officials from both countries. He edits the journal “Statutes and Decisions: The Laws of the USSR and Its Successor States,” which has recently covered issues of ethics of the counsel in Russia, judicial politics in Ukraine, police reform in Russia, and criminal justice reforms in Kazakhstan. His current research projects explore: 1) judicial profession in Kazakhstan; and 2) judicial behavior outside the courthouses. He explains why now is a good time to study law and politics in Eurasia.