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The Writing Center is committed to fostering an environment where NU students, both undergraduate and graduate, learn to become more effective and confident writers. Our instructors see NU students across the disciplines for academic assignments, and professional writing such as CVs and motivation letters. Rather than proofreaders, Writing Center instructors serve as coaches and tutors with an eye to guiding students towards more clear and graceful prose.The goal of the Writing Center is that after leaving a conference, students are better prepared to evaluate and revise their written work.

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In addition to working with students, the Writing Center works cooperatively with faculty to develop writing curriculum and methods for evaluating writing.


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The Writing Center offers individual consultations to assist students their writing.  Appointments last between thirty and forty-five minutes and are made on a first come, first served basis. To learn more about Writing Center Tutorials, click here


The Writing Center also hosts various workshops and seminars covering an array of topics from Avoiding Plagiarism to Perfecting Punctuation. To learn more, click here.


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The Undergraduate Writing Fellows Program brings together talented undergraduate writers and dedicated faculty members to improve student writing in a variety of disciplines and to establish a culture of writing and revision at Nazarbayev University. This year-long fellowship prepares students across all majors to serve as undergraduate peer writing tutors, or Writing Fellows, who in turn work with other students to help them become better writers through dialog and collaboration. Learn more about the Writing Fellows Program