Department of Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science Program in Mathematics is a 240 ECTS program and is to be completed in 8 regular semesters. The program is designed to train students in the theory of mathematics and to develop mathematical skills and mastery, used in the modern applications of mathematics in science and engineering. Through specialized courses as part of mathematics elective and technical elective requirements, students will have the opportunity to deepen and broaden their mathematical foundations and skills, which will make them more competitive in the mathematics-related job market and/or will prepare them for graduate studies in the area of pure and applied mathematics or statistics. Flexibility in selecting non-mathematics electives will also allow students to complete a minor in a different discipline.

Requirements for the completion of the study consist of the following parts:

Students admitted in 2018 & 2019 Students admitted in 2020
  1. Mathematics requirement, at least 102 ECTS, comprising of
  2. Natural Science requirement, at least 34 ECTS, with three compulsory courses:
    • PHYS 161 Physics I for Scientists and Engineers with Laboratory
    • PHYS 162 Physics II for Scientists and Engineers with Laboratory
  3. Technical Electives, at least 18 ECTS:
    • Any PHYS, CHEM, BIOL, ECON courses at 200 level or above except ECON 211, PHYS 201, PHYS 202.
    • Any courses at 200 level or above in SEDS and SMG except courses with subject abbreviation ENG.
    • Math courses can be taken for Technical Electives but students who were admitted in fall 2019 must take at least one course from other majors
  4. Computer Science requirement, at least 16 ECTS, with compulsory courses
    • CSCI 151 Programming for Scientists and Engineers
    • CSCI 152 Performance and Data Structures
  5. Humanity-Social Science requirement:
    • HST 100 History of Kazakhstan
    • 2 Kazakh Language/Literature courses
    • 1 Ethics course
    • SHSS 150
    • COMM 102 (updated as COMM 202) or any 200-level writing course
    • 1 Social Science Elective (SOC, PLS, ANT, ECON)
  6. Other:
    • MATH 350 Research Methods
    • Business Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship course
  1. Mathematics requirement, at least 120 ECTS, comprising of
  2. University Common Core Curriculum:
    • 2 writing courses
    • 2 Kazakh Language courses
    • 1 Ethics course
    • HST 100 History of Kazakhstan
    • MATH 350 Research Methods
    • 1 Social Science course (SOC, PLS, ANT, ECON)
    • 1 Natural Science course (PHYS, CHEM, BIOL, GEOL)
    • MATH 161 Calculus I
    • Any CS or programming course (8 credits)
    • Business Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship
  3. Technical Electives, at least 18 ECTS:
    • Any BIOL, CHEM, ECON, PHYS, SEDS, SMG course. (At least one course must be 300-level or above.)

Starting from Fall 2020, students have to have at least C- for math courses to be counted as a core course or a math elective. This means that

  • Students must earn at least C- in Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Numerical Methods, Mathematical Statistics for graduation.
  • If a student gets D+ in a math elective, it cannot be counted as a math elective, but it can be counted as a general elective.

The new policy applies to all students including 4th-year students but the courses which were taken before Fall 2020 are not affected. That is, for example, if a student has already got D in Abstract Algebra before the Fall semester of 2020, it is counted towards graduation.


Sample of the study plan

Descriptions of courses can be found here.

For inquiries, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Program.

For details on the MATH 499 Graduation Project (formerly known as Capstone Project), please follow the link.