The Department of Mathematics is one of the largest departments at Nazarbayev University in terms of the number of faculty members and student body. We currently offer a Bachelor of Science degree program with a set of core courses and a diverse list of electives in applied mathematics, statistics, and pure mathematics. We provide students with fundamental mathematical knowledge, analytical and logical ability, computational and data management skills and computer software training for pursuing careers in the increasingly digitized modern world job markets. Our courses include probability, statistics and stochastic analysis; numerical methods in applied mathematics, optimization, nonlinear differential equations and mathematical modelling of complex systems; discrete mathematics, cryptography, analysis, and algebra. We serve all students in the School of Science and Technology, as well as the Economics Department in the School of Humanity and Social Sciences, who take our courses for their major in mathematics, electives, and for mathematics minor requirement. Our faculty members are actively engaging our students in research through our capstone programs, and by providing individual mentoring, counseling, and career advising services.

In our few of years of existence, we have successfully graduated two classes of students in the years 2015 and 2016. Many of the graduates have been admitted to various postgraduate study programs in world class universities in the United States and Europe, and other parts of the world, in Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics and Bio-Medical Statistics, and Pure Mathematics. A partial list includes Stanford University, Oxford University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Delft University of Technology, University of Manchester, and McMaster University, University of Chicago.

We are striving to be excellent in both research and teaching through our vigorous engagement in research projects, grant applications and international collaborations, adhering to the highest international standards. Our strengths lie in many areas of applied mathematics, statistics, and pure mathematics, especially in interdisciplinary research, working with many other faculty members of the physical, biological, economics, and engineering sciences.

Details of our undergraduate program can be found at this link.

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Details of our MSc program can be found at this link.

Details of transferring to Math Major can be found at this link.