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Sociology & Anthropology Students' Association (SASA) is dedicated to promote an interest in the study of sociology and anthropology and research of social problems, to contribute to a greater sense of departmental community and social involvement. SASA is also an organizational medium through which undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, department administrators, researchers, and organizational leaders can interact on a meaningful level.

Goals & Objectives: 1. To stimulate activity and a feeling of fellowship among sociology and anthropology students; 2. To explore the issues in and the application of the field of sociology and anthropology; 3. To make contacts with other collegiate academic clubs and outstanding workers in the fields    

If you have any questions or suggestions about improvement of our association or about events, we are more than welcome to hear you.

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 Cohort 2019-2020:

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SASA holds a double presidency. Tomiris Mashan and Aidana Bikenova are the Presidents for Sociology and Anthropology respectively.

Tomiris Mashan is a third year sociology student. After graduation, she is planning to continue studies and work in academia as an applied researcher. Her research interests comprise children, social policies, education, poverty, and sustainable development. Apart from research, Tomiris is interested in volunteering, especially helping out those in need. For instance, in summer 2018 she traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia as a volunteer English teacher for local children. “I would also like to work for UNICEF, defend children’s rights, and contribute to improving children’s life conditions”, - says Tomiris. As a part of SASA, she contemplates spreading the awareness about existing social issues in Kazakhstan and around the world, the ways to tackle them, and the role of sociologists in making the world a better place.

Aidana Bikenova is a third year anthropology student, particularly interested in archaeology and sociocultural anthropology. In the future, she wants to work as an applied anthropologist, putting anthropological theories and methods into action. Her favorite thing about anthropology is that it encourages diversity and inclusion. She is a feminist, supports LGBTQ+ rights and wants to give a voice to minorities. Aidana is FLEX’16 alumna and she says that her experience of diversity in the U.S. is what inspired her to study different cultures.


Cohort 2017-2018:

Nazira Kadroldinova, President

Hi, My name is Nazira! We have established this association with other sociology and anthropology students in order to develop the sense of departmental community among our students and professors. Our main goal is to build a friendly community, where every student can find support and help with their academic and social life. We organize various events, including guest lectures, workshops, little parties, program presentations, and others, in order to expand our understanding about sociology and anthropology fields and build network with academics and successful people those fields.


Indira Makhazhan,  Academic Vice-President

Hello, my name is Indira! I truly believe that Sociology studies are the best things that can be done to develop the country we live in and to create happy environment for our society. Every class I have taken gave an incredible knowledge, first of all, of myself, and I think that understanding yourself is one of the important things to people to do what you love, and love what you do.


Arman Zhylkaidarov, Vice-President of Internal Affairs

Hi, my name is Arman! Sociology was my initial choice, when I was applying to NU. Because my goal is to change our society for the better and want to know more about how to do it. I am VP Internal in SASA and my role in our association is to build networks with other clubs in our university, organize university-wide events, and help students with their concerns about SOC/ANT courses.