Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Faculty in Sociology and Anthropology are active in working with scholars throughout the School of Sciences and Humanities to develop our new MA program in Eurasian studies. Sofiya An contributes to the Eurasian Studies general methodology course. Alima Bissenova offers a graduate-level anthropology elective on cutting-edge social science in Eurasia. Paula Dupuy and Reed Coil offer directed readings/research in advanced archaeological and biological anthropological methods. Erika Alpert teaches upper level coursework in Anthropology that is open to graduate students.

In addition to these course offerings, a number of our faculty specialize in Eurasian and Eastern European studies, and are able to serve as thesis advisors:

Erika Alpert (PhD in Anthropology, University of Michigan, 2014). Language and Society; Marriage and courtship practices; Japanese culture and Society; Gender, Sexuality, and Kinship.

Sofia An (PhD in Social Work, University of Toronto, 2014). Child Welfare, social policy and welfare institutions in post-Soviet Eurasia.

Alima Bissenova, Director of Eurasian Studies M.A. program. (PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology, Cornell University, 2012). Economic Anthropology; Development; Urban Anthropology; Islam.

Reed Coil (PhD in Anthropology, University of Minnesota, 2016). Paleoanthropology; Paleolithic Archaeology; Early Hominin Behavior; GIS.

Paula Dupuy (PhD in Anthropology, Washington University, 2014). Anthropological Archaeology; Pastoralism and Mobility; Social Change in Prehistory; Central Asian Archaeology; Material Science.

We currently have a number of exciting courses in the works for graduate students in the Eurasian studies program. Please check back for updates as new courses enter the course catalog.