Department of Economics


  1. Strategic Feedback in Teams: Theory and Experimental Evidence, Seda Ertac, Mert Gümren, and Levent Koçkesen


  1. Efficient capital allocation in public good networks, Vladyslav Nora and Hiroshi Uno 
  2. Edgeworth Expansion Based Correction of Selectivity Bias in Models of Double Selection, Insan Tunali and Berk Yavuzoglu
  3. Labor Force Attachment Beyond Normal Retirement Age, Berk Yavuzoglu


  1. Does Vertical Integration Enhance Non-Price Efficiency? Evidence from the Movie Theater Industry, In Kyung Kim and Vladyslav Nora
  2. Rescaled Additivity Non-Ignorable (RAN) Model of Generalized Attrition, Insan Tunali, Berk Yavuzoglu, and Emre Ekinci
  3. Competition and Retailer Product Choice: Evidence from the Movie Theater Market, In Kyung Kim
  4. What Drives Labor Market Polarization in Advanced Countries? The Role of China and TechnologyKoen Breemersch, Jože P. Damijan, and Jozef Konings
  5. Declining Business Dynamism, Gert Bijnens and Jozef Konings
  6. Buyer Power and Information Disclosure, In Kyung Kim and Vladyslav Nora
  7. Wage Inequality and Establishment Heterogeneity, In Kyung Kim and Jozef Konings


  1. The Endgame, Anurag N. Banergee, Sarit Markovich, and Giulio Seccia
  2. Resale in Second-Price Auctions with Costly Participation , Gorkem Celik and Okan Yilankaya
  3. Equilibria in Second-Price Auctions with Private Participation Costs, Xiaoyong Cao, Guofu Tan, Guoqiang Tian, and Okan Yilankaya

Economic Policy Papers

  1.  An Enterprise Map of Kazakhstan: A Guide for Industrial Policy, Patrick Duparcq and Jozef Konings