Department of Economics


Date Speaker Title
Jan 27 Alexey Gorn (Cambridge-INET) Assessing the (De) Stabilizing Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions
Jan 28 Alexander Usvitskiy (Florida State) Strategic Risk-taking in Dynamic Contests
Jan 29 Ahmet Altinok (Arizona State) Dynamic Many-to-One Matching
Feb 3 Nicolas Aragon (U Carlos III) Capital Controls and Misallocation
Feb 4 Aruni Mitra (UBC) The Productivity Puzzle and the Decline of Unions
Feb 5 Sounak Thakur (Washington
University in St. Louis)
Family Law, Marriage and Household Decisions
Feb 7 Nazim Tamkoç (Arizona State) Production Complexity, Talent Misallocation and Development
Feb 10 Mehmet Burak Turgut
Feb 11 Duman Bahrami-Rad


Date Speaker Title
Oct 23 Tim Lee (Queen Mary) Labor Reallocation and Wage Growth: Evidence from East Germany
Sep 26 Pierpaolo Baattigalli (Bocconi) Learning and Selfconfirming Equilibria in Network Games
Sep 20 Andrea Pozzi (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance) The Cost of Steering in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Mortgage Market
Sep 5 Raushan Bokusheva (ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Institute of Natural Resource Sciences) Weather-based index insurance: An effective instrument for risk reduction in arid and semi-arid agriculture? (Lessons from empirical research for Kazakhstan)
Aug 23 Karlygash Kuralbayeva (King’s College London) To build or not to build? Capital stocks and climate policy
Apr 24 Hailey Hayeon Joo (Sogang U) Diffusion of E-Commerce and Retail Job Apocalypse: Evidence from Credit Card Data on Online Spending
Apr 19 Minsoo Park (SKKU) Zero-Pricing in Bundle Offers: Does It Reinforce or Weaken Anti-Competitive Effects?
Apr 16 Sophie Bade (Royal Holloway College) Cooperative Implementation
Mar 5 Eyal Winter (Hebrew U of Jerusalem) Raising Capital from Heterogeneous Investors
Feb 22 Lara Cockx (KU Leuven) Migration and children’s health and education
Feb 18 Alejandro Melo Ponce (Stony Brook) The Secret Behind the Tortoise and the Hare
Feb 14 Mikhail Freer (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) Revealed Social Preferences
Feb 2 Kirill Shakhnov (The Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance) Limited Participation and Local Currency Sovereign Debt
Feb 1 Yaser Sattari (Simon Fraser U) Misallocation, Selection, and Aggregate Productivity: The Role of Endogenous Exit
Jan 25 Safoura Moeeni (U of Calgary) Family Income and Children’s Education: Evidence from Targeted Economic Sanctions
Jan 22 Oleg Rubanov (U of Bonn) Profit Sharing and Incentives



Date Speaker Title
Dec 5 Dariya Ainekova (U of Memphis) Do Labor Market Payoffs Motivate Employees To Work harder?
Dec 7 Kohei Kawaguchi (Hong Kong U of Science and Technology) When Will Workers Follow an Algorithm? A Field Experiment with a Retail Business
Nov 16 Sergey Kokovin (HSE) Big and Small Firms Together in Monopolistic Competition
Nov 5 Alexey Kushnir (Carnegie Mellon) Optimal Income Taxation with Endogenous Prices
Sep 14 Bjarne S. Jensen (U of Southern Denmark) Optimal Growth – Optimal Control – Ramsey Saving
Sep 7 Shintaro Yamaguchi (U of Tokyo) Effects of Early Childhood Education on Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes
Sep 4 Konstantin Kucheryavyy (U of Tokyo) A Unified Model of International Business Cycles and Trade
Aug 31 Alp Atakan (Queen Mary) Price Discovery with Costly Competitive Bidding
Aug 24 Chris Ahlin (Michigan State U) Making Gini Conditional: A Regression-Based Tool for Understanding Inequality
Aug 22 Jihong Lee (Seoul National U) Tax and Welfare in Dynamic Monopoly
May 11 Alexander Matros (U of South Carolina) Competition for Local Public Good Provision
Apr 27 Evgeny Yakovlev (New Economic School) Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Sizable Conditional Child Subsidy
Apr 20 Xavier Mateos Planas (Queen Mary) Partial Default
Feb 1 Sie Won Kim (Washington U in St. Louis) The Effect of Promoting Access to Community Colleges on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes
Jan 26 Maxim Goryunov (EUI) Sorting with Random Search When Firms Have Size
Jan 22 Pavel Krivenko (Stanford) Unemployment and the U.S. Housing Market during the Great Recession


Date Speaker Title
Nov 10 Levent Kockesen (Koc) Optimal Delegation of Sequential Decisions: The Role of Communication and Reputation
Nov 2 Fernando Vega Redondo (Bocconi) Contagious unreliability and complexity traps in economic development
Oct 13 Francis Bloch (PSE) Farsighted Stability with Heterogeneous Expectations
Oct 6 Ronald Oaxaca (U Arizona) Gender Wage Gaps and Risky vs. Secure Employment: An Experimental Analysis
Oct 4 Ricard Gil (JHU) Preemptive Entry and Technology Diffusion in the Market for Drive-in Theaters
Sep 22 Hiroshi Uno (Osaka U) Hierarchical adaptations
Sep 1 Julio Davila (CORE) The Effects of Private Capital Falling into the Public Domain
Aug 30 Glenn Magerman (ECARES) The Origins of Firm Heterogeneity: A Production Network Approach
Jul 7 Masaru Inaba (Kansai U) Regional Business Cycle and Growth Features of Japan
May 15 Antonio Guarino (UCL) Updating Ambiguous Beliefs in a Social Learning Experiment
May 12 Mario Forni (Modena) News, Uncertainty and Economic Fluctuations
Apr 28 Gianluca Benigno (LSE) Stagnation Traps
Apr 24 Davide La Torre (Nazarbayev) Self-similar measures in multi-sector stochastic endogenous growth models
Apr 21 Xavier Mateos Planas (Queen Mary) The Role of Trade Credit Default in Business Fluctuations
Mar 7 James R Walker (UW Madison) The Role of Slavery in the Economic Development of the United States
Feb 20 Kazuhiro Hara (NYU) Coalitional Strategic Games
Feb 15 Alexander Rodivilov (U Washington) Experimentation, Private Observability of Success, and the Timing of Monitoring
Feb 8 Ivan Guillermo Lopez Cruz (Indiana) Criminal Recruitment or Victimization: The Effects of the Mexican Drug War on Education
Feb 3 Bulat Gafarov (Penn State) Inference on Scalar Parameters in Set-Identified Affine Moments
Feb 2 Luca Sala (Bocconi) Reassessing Structural VARs: Beyond the ABC’s (and D’s)
Feb 1 Jan Klingelhoefer (U of Aachen) Relations between China and the US – a Game Theoretic Approach


Date Speaker Title
Sep 14 John Kennan (UWM) Open Borders in the European Union and Beyond: Migration Flows and Labor Market Implications
May 18 Jan Eeckhout (Pompeu Fabra, UCL) Stochastic search
May 17 Shlomo Weber (NES) Measurement of diversity
May 13 Andriy Zapechelnyuk (Glasgow U) Robust Sequential Search
Mar 31 Joep Konings (KUL) International Shocks and Domestic Prices: How Large Are Strategic Complementarities?
Feb 29 Murat Mankin (South Florida U) Bayesian Analysis of the Roy Model with Count Outcomes: Finite Mixture Approach
Feb 25 Pedro Pereira (CEFAGE-UE) Evaluating Partial Divestitures when Vertical Relations are Important
Feb 19 Yuanyuan Deng (Stony Brook) How Labor Force Participation and Health Insurance Coverage Affect Medicare Costs
Feb 15 Qiaoxi Zhang (Caltech) Vagueness in Multi-Issue Proposals
Feb 12 Alexander Nesterov (Humboldt U) School Choice With Advice: The Adaptive Acceptance Rule
Feb 08 Wiroy Shin (Penn State) Discrimination in Organizations: Optimal Contracts and Regulation
Feb 05 Mario Alloza (UCL) The Impact of Taxes on Income Mobility
Jan 24 Oleg Rubanov (LBS) Asymptotic Full Revelation in Cheap Talk with a Large Number of Senders
















Date Speaker Title
Dec 7 Okan Yilankava (Koc) Resale in Second-Price Auctions with Costly Participation
Nov 30 Pavlo Prokopovych (KSE) On Strategic Complementarities in Discontinuous Games
Nov 2 Árpád Ábrahám (EUI) The Effects of Moral Hazard on Wage Inequality in a Frictional Labor Market