Department of Economics


Date   Speaker   Title  
23/10/2019 Tim Lee  
16/10/2019 Piero Gottardi  
11/10/2019 Eva-Garcia Morgan  
26/09/2019 Pierpaolo Baattigalli (University of Bocconi) Learning and Selfconfirming Equilibria in Network Games
20/09/2019  Andrea Pozzi (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF)) The Cost of Steering in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Mortgage Market
05/09/2019 Raushan Bokusheva (ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management Institute of Natural Resource Sciences) Weather-based index insurance: An effective instrument for risk reduction in arid and semi-arid agriculture? (Lessons from empirical research for Kazakhstan)
23/08/2019 Karlygash Kuralbayeva (King’s College London) To build or not to build? Capital stocks and climate policy
24/04/2019 Hailey Hayeon Joo (Sogang University) Diffusion of E-Commerce and Retail Job Apocalypse: Evidence from Credit Card Data on Online Spending
19/04/2019 Minsoo Park (SKKU) Zero-Pricing in Bundle Offers: Does It Reinforce or Weaken Anti-Competitive Effects?
16/04/2019 Sophie Bade (Royal Holloway College) Cooperative Implementation
05/03/2019 Eyal Winter (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Raising Capital from Heterogeneous Investors
22/02/2019 Lara Cockx (KU Leuven) Migration and children’s health and education (Skype)
18/02/2019 Alejandro Melo Ponce (Stony Brook University) The Secret Behind the Tortoise and the Hare
14/02/2019 Mikhail Freer (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) Revealed Social Preferences (Skype)
10/02/2019 Kirill Shakhnov (The Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance) Limited Participation and Local Currency Sovereign Debt
01/02/2019 Yaser Sattari (Simon Fraser University) Misallocation, Selection, and Aggregate Productivity: The Role of Endogenous Exit (Skype)
25/01/2019 Safoura Moeeni (University of Calgary) Family Income and Children’s Education: Evidence from Targeted Economic Sanctions (Skype)
22/01/2019 Oleg Rubanov (University of Bonn) Profit Sharing and Incentives (Skype)



Date   Speaker   Title  
12/05/2018 Dariya Ainekova Do Labor Market Payoffs Motivate Employees To Work harder?
12/07/2018 Kohei Kawaguchi When Will Workers Follow an Algorithm? A Field Experiment with a Retail Business
11/16/2018 Sergey Kokovin Big and Small Firms Together in Monopolistic Competition
11/05/2018 Alexey Kushnir Optimal Income Taxation with Endogenous Prices
09/14/2018 Bjarne S. Jensen (University of Southern Denmark) Optimal Growth – Optimal Control – Ramsey Saving
09/07/2018 Shintaro Yamaguchi (University of Tokyo) Effects of Early Childhood Education on Adolescent Behavioral Outcomes
09/04/2018 Konstantin Kucheryavyy (University of Tokyo) A Unified Model of International Business Cycles and Trade
08/31/2018 Alp Atakan (Queen Mary University of London) Price Discovery with Costly Competitive Bidding
08/24/2018 Chris Ahlin (Michigan State University) Making Gini Conditional: A Regression-Based Tool for Understanding Inequality
08/22/2018 Jihong Lee (Seoul National University) Tax and Welfare in Dynamic Monopoly
05/11/2018 Alexander Matros (University of South Carolina) Competition for Local Public Good Provision
04/27/2018 Evgeny Yakovlev ( New Economic School) Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Sizable Conditional Child Subsidy
04/20/2018 Xavier Mateos Planas (Queen Mary University of London) Partial Default
02/01/2018 Sie Won Kim (Washington University in St. Louis) The Effect of Promoting Access to Community Colleges on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes
01/26/2018 Maxim Goryunov (European University Institute) Sorting with Random Search When Firms Have Size
01/22/2018 Pavel Krivenko  (Stanford University) Unemployment and the U.S. Housing Market during the Great Recession


Date Speaker Title
11/10/2017 Levent Kockesen (Koc) Optimal Delegation of Sequential Decisions: The Role of Communication and Reputation
11/02/2017 Fernando Vega Redondo (Bocconi) Contagious unreliability and complexity traps in economic development
10/13/2017 Francis Bloch (Paris School of Economics) Farsighted Stability with Heterogeneous Expectations
10/6/2017 Ronald Oaxaca (U Arizona) Gender Wage Gaps and Risky vs. Secure Employment: An Experimental Analysis
10/4/2017 Ricard Gil (JHU) Preemptive Entry and Technology Diffusion in the Market for Drive-in Theaters
9/22/2017 Hiroshi Uno (Osaka) Hierarchical adaptations
9/1/2017 Julio Davila (CORE) The Effects of Private Capital Falling into the Public Domain
8/30/2017 Glenn Magerman (ECARES) The Origins of Firm Heterogeneity: A Production Network Approach
7/7/2017 Masaru Inaba (Kansai University) Regional Business Cycle and Growth Features of Japan
5/15/2017 Antonio Guarino (UCL) Updating Ambiguous Beliefs in a Social Learning Experiment
5/12/2017 Mario Forni (Modena) News, Uncertainty and Economic Fluctuations
4/28/2017 Gianluca Benigno (LSE) Stagnation Traps
4/24/2017 Davide La Torre (Nazarbayev University) Self-similar measures in multi-sector stochastic endogenous growth models
4/21/2017 Xavier Mateos Planas (Queen Mary) The Role of Trade Credit Default in Business Fluctuations
3/7/2017 James R Walker (UW Madison) The Role of Slavery in the Economic Development of the United States
2/20/2017 Kazuhiro Hara (NYU) Coalitional Strategic Games
2/15/2017 Alexander Rodivilov (U Washington) Experimentation, Private Observability of Success, and the Timing of Monitoring
2/8/2017 Ivan Guillermo Lopez Cruz (Indiana University) Criminal Recruitment or Victimization: The Effects of the Mexican Drug War on Education
2/3/2017 Bulat Gafarov (Penn State University) Inference on Scalar Parameters in Set-Identified Affine Moments
2/2/2017 Luca Sala (Bocconi University) Reassessing Structural VARs: Beyond the ABC’s (and D’s)
2/1/2017 Jan Klingelhoefer (University of Aachen) Relations between China and the US – a Game Theoretic Approach


Date Speaker Title
2016-09-14 John Kennan (UWM) Open Borders in the European Union and Beyond: Migration Flows and Labor Market Implications
2016-05-18 Jan Eeckhout         (Pompeu Fabra and UCL) Stochastic search
2016-05-17 Shlomo Weber (NES) Measurement of diversity
2016-05-13 Andriy Zapechelnyuk (Glasgow U) Robust Sequential Search
2016-03-31 Joep Konings (KUL) International Shocks and Domestic Prices: How Large Are Strategic Complementarities?
2016-02-29 Murat Mankin (South Florida U) Bayesian Analysis of the Roy Model with Count Outcomes: Finite Mixture Approach
2016-02-25 Pedro Pereira (CEFAGE-UE) Evaluating Partial Divestitures when Vertical Relations are Important
2016-02-19 Yuanyuan Deng (Stony Brook) How Labor Force Participation and Health Insurance Coverage Affect Medicare Costs
2016-02-15 Qiaoxi Zhang (Caltech) Vagueness in Multi-Issue Proposals
2016-02-12 Alexander Nesterov (Humboldt U) School Choice With Advice: The Adaptive Acceptance Rule
2016-02-08 Wiroy Shin (Penn State) Discrimination in Organizations: Optimal Contracts and Regulation
2016-02-05 Mario Alloza (UCL) The Impact of Taxes on Income Mobility
2016-01-24 Oleg Rubanov (LBS) Asymptotic Full Revelation in Cheap Talk with a Large Number of Senders


Date Speaker Title
2015-12-07 Okan Yilankava (Koc) Resale in Second-Price Auctions with Costly Participation
2015-11-30 Pavlo Prokopovych  (KSE) On Strategic Complementarities in Discontinuous Games
2015-11-02 Árpád Ábrahám (EUI) The Effects of Moral Hazard on Wage Inequality in a Frictional Labor Market