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Aituga onai

Dialogue About Shyrak Organization

Сұхбат беруші: Сәуле Мұсабекова Сұхбат алушы: Индира Махажан    – «Шырақ» қазақ тілі ұйымын ашуға не түрткі болды? – Ең басты себеп студенттеріміздің қызығушылығы мен қажеттілігі деп айтар едім. Шынын айтқанда, кейбір студенттерге университетімізде қазақтілді орта керек. Бұдан бөлек эссе немесе мақала жазуда, өз бетінше тілді жетілдіруде кеңес сұрап келетін студенттер көп. Әрине, олардың барлығын бірдей қамту […]

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Wikipedia Awards 2016

The Department of Kazakh language and Turkic studies has been working in cooperation with WikiBilim Fund since 2012. This gives an opportunity to our students to publish their articles in Kazakh. Every year we organize a wiki-contest among NU students where our students made a huge contribution to develop e-resources in Kazakh language on behalf of Nazarbayev University. Moreover, this year […]

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On November 24 2016, the “Nazarbayev University” hosted the International Symposium “Mangilik eldin Mangilik tili” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The symposium discussed the prospects of development of the Kazakh language in the context of global trends in the world, with an emphasis on academic and professional […]

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NU faculty has met with scholars from various countries on the dialogue platform in CESS conference again

The Fifth CESS Regional Conference (Central Eurasian Studies Society) was held in Kazan Federal University in Tatarstan in June 2-4, 2016. This conference lasted for three days including approximately 50 panels and about 175 presentations from different countries on a wide range of topics related to religion, history, culture, migration, identity in Central Eurasia and […]

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