For the applicants who passed entrance examinations, but are not awarded grant Nazarbayev University

Programs Period of study  Estimated cost per year, tenge* Estimated cost per year, US dollar*
All undergraduate programs 4 years 7,030,000** 19,000
Master of Arts in Economics 2 years 10,367,400 28,020
Master of Arts in Eurasian Studies 2 years 9,257,400 25,020
Master of Arts in Political Sciences and International Relations 2 years 9,250,000 25,000

* Discounts are applicable for some categories (from 25% to 90%): Orphans, Disabled Individuals, Large Family, Winners of Olympiads, Oralmans, School diplomas with honors, Foreigners. For more information please refer to Bursar`s Office.

The size of the stipend according to the Resolution of the Government of RK #116 dated 07.02.2008:

NUFYP students - 17807 tenge

Undergraduate students - 20949 tenge*

Master students - 100000 tenge*

PhD students - 81998 tenge

* Size of the stipend depends on the NU students academic performance or Grade Point Average (GPA), according to the Regulations on Stipend Support Provision to the students of the autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev University"

Most of all Nazarbayev University students admitted do not pay any tuition fees and are supported either by a state grant from the Ministry of the Education, or an internal Nazarbayev University grant.