The Ph.D. in Eurasian Studies consists of a minimum of four years of full-time study, culminating in the completion of a doctoral dissertation. Most candidates complete three to four semesters’ worth of coursework. The main component of the degree is the doctoral thesis, which is co-supervised by an advisor from NU and an external advisor. After passing qualifying exams, each student writes a dissertation based on their own original research, applying the methods, theories and accumulated scholarly wisdom of the core curriculum and their chosen subject areas.

Ph.D. in Mathematics is the 4-year 240 ECTS credit research intensive program designed according to the Bologna requirements. The curriculum of the program consists of three different types of courses:

  • core pillar courses (20 ECTS) that give a solid and broad base of advanced knowledge in technology and data-driven areas of mathematics providing students with an opportunity to acquire the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge to succeed in their research ,
  • elective pillar courses (40 ECTS) which permit students to define specialization areas according to future research and professional career goals., and
  • research pillar courses (Thesis Research and Thesis Dissertation) 180 ECTS) that are dedicated to the thesis research.

The PhD program in Physics in the School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at Nazarbayev University (NU) is designed to provide advanced skills and knowledge base at an expert level for individuals planning a career in academia, industry and research settings in Kazakhstan and abroad. The program focuses on the enhancement of knowledge by advanced courses and development of research skills at a high level.

The Ph.D. in Life Sciences is an interdisciplinary doctoral program with excellent instruction in core and elective subjects, which will train modern high-quality life science experts.

The main objective of the Ph.D. in Life Sciences program is to nurture knowledgeable internationally competitive scientists with interdisciplinary skills and expertise in life sciences technologies able to solve critical societal issues ranging from the molecular basis of human diseases to the development of environmental conservation and observation strategies.

The Ph.D. in Chemistry program of the School of Sciences and Humanities (SSH) at Nazarbayev University (NU) is designed to prepare students to become independent, creative practitioners in Chemistry. The program provides an intensive training approach both in theory and experimentation that will enable students to be better equipped in their preparation for their different career paths in academia, research and development, science-based start-ups, and the industry. The Ph.D. in Chemistry program focuses on priority areas for Kazakhstan, serving as a foundation for future high-tech industries and a knowledge-based economy.

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