About Us

Welcome to the School of Sciences and Humanities at Nazarbayev University. We are a community of scholars, students, and staff committed to research and education covering a broad range of disciplines fundamental to modern scholarship.

Our School offers undergraduate students world-class Bachelor of Science education in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics or Bachelor of arts in Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science & International Relations, Sociology, and Languages & Literature.  We also offer Masters Degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Eurasian Studies, Math, Physics, and Political Science & International Relations and for doctoral students we offer PhDs in the Sciences as well as Eurasian Studies.  In addition to our degree offerings, we provide classes that form part of nearly every other degree program at the University.

In SSH, students learn from faculty members who have earned doctoral degrees at the world’s best universities.  These faculty are well respected scholars engaged in active research and they provide both excellent instruction in the classroom and mentorship outside of it.   Our scientists operate nearly 90 laboratories in the natural sciences and we have a particular concentration of scholars with expertise in the Eurasian region and an alignment of resources and scholars in this area that is truly unique.

Our small classes and student-centered approach mean that all of our students have the opportunity to develop close relationships with their instructors who can guide them into academic paths uniquely suited to them.  Students have opportunities to get hands-on experience in laboratories and to participate in research projects independently or with their professors.

We are also proud to offer academic support to our students with resources such as the Writing Center and well-established student support systems such as our Peer Advising team.

I have had the great privilege of being involved with NU since the University opened to undergraduates in 2011.  During this time I have witnessed some amazing things including the great outpouring of confidence from students who chose to cast their lot with a new university, the dedication of faculty members who came from all over the world to realize the dream of Nazarbayev University, and the tireless work of our staff as they create systems to make possible the work of our students and scholars.

Having realized our initial goals we are now focused on reorienting the University to be join the ranks of the world’s best Universities through innovative new projects.  I look forward to continuing to work with the excellent team in SSH and I am sure that together we will do great things.

I invite you to explore our web page and perhaps to come and find your place on our team.


Dr. Gonzalo Hortelano.

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