About Us

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) is one of the University’s largest Schools offering degree programs and concentrations in seven different subject areas spanning the breadth of a liberal arts education. In addition, SHSS offers three graduate programs, an MA in Political Science and International Relations, an MA in Eurasian Studies and an MA in Economics. Our vision and mission rest upon a value system which places learning and scholarship, local and global engagement and service and social responsibility as core values. Guided by NU’s mission to develop the social capital of Kazakhstan, SHSS provides a liberal arts education to nurture the discovery, creation and application of knowledge of our students to the country’s development.

Rather than teaching discrete facts, the teaching and learning mission of the School involves the connection of skills and knowledge from multiple sources and experiences and applying these skills and practices in various settings. Integrative learning draws upon associations within a major, between disciplines and between curricula. Integrative learning emphasizes skills such as critical thinking, writing, and communication and links between academic knowledge and practice. These skills are fundamental as the challenges which Kazakhstan society faces are multifaceted

As a School dedicated to the integration of research and learning, the production of knowledge is crucial to the liberal arts education of our students. This knowledge originates with our talented and dedicated faculty. To assist us in faculty and student development, we are fortunate to have a strategic partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.